What is On Track 4 Him?

“ On Track 4 Him” is a ministry designed to bring Christ to the growing motorcycle racing community.

How did it get started?

Pastor Jim Wiles, founder, began motorcycle racing as a sport but was on staff at a local church and has been leading outreach programs for over five years. While at the racetrack, he recognized the opportunity to reach thousands of spectators and racers with a message of faith, hope, and love in Christ.

Why motorcycle racing?

Motorcycle racing is a rapidly-growing sport and receiving international exposure.

What are the ministry objectives?

On Track 4 Him main objectives:

• To bring a Christian presence of service and love to the racetrack.

• To introduce Christ to racers and spectators.

• To disciple new believers and help them to find an established and permanent church home.

• To start Morning Prayer time each day before the race events.

• To start a Church worship service at each race track at each race event (typically held on Saturday evenings)

• To build several other ministry teams to do the same.

• To physically plant a Church at each race track to be there for the local community and for the racing communities.

• Minister to injured racers and their families.

• To be positive role models in the racing commuities.


What does the ministry look like today?

• Established race day prayer time and worship.

• One-on-one ministering to racers and their teams.

• Support for family members of injured racers– includes a benevolence fund and hospital visits.

• Insturmental in planting the chapel service at the ISOC Pro snocross events.